How To Effectively Use Pedometer For Weight Loss

Back in the day, size of pedometers were just too big for anyone to wear in public. Fast forward ten years and almost everyone now have a fit-in-your-palm pedometer for weight loss device to motivate them to do better each day. Yes! Motivation is the direct impact that pedometers bring to conscious weight watchers. In fact, there is something inherently persuasive about seeing how many numbers of steeps one has taken in a day as well as the numbers needed to reach a goal.

So, how can pedometers help in losing weight?

Goal Setting

If you are planning to lose those extra flabs, the need to set a goal is vital to the success of the overall regimen. By using a pedometer for weight loss, simply set a daily goal of steps to be taken to achieve your ideal weight. According to fitness gurus, it is highly recommended to aim for 10,000 steps per day to combat weight gain and sustain a healthy heart. This recommendation works just fine to an individual who is leading a healthy lifestyle. To lose weight, the need to add at least 2000 more is recommended. This is tantamount to burning at least 100 extra calories. By setting a goal, you can easily keep track of how long you’ve come from leading a sedentary life.

Working by Increments

It is virtually impossible to lose all the unwanted weight in a week’s time. Yeah, many celebrities may refute this claim but, truth be told, you will need more time if you want to do it safely. By setting a pedometer to 11,000 steps on the first week and slowly increasing the steps every week after, this will help allow you to lose the flabs as safely as possible.

Keeping Track

A pedometer aids in weight loss only when you use it properly. You need to keep track of how much weight you shed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis—vis a vis your performance as recorded in it. Aside from keeping tabs on the number of steps taken and its impact to your fitness goals, it will also give you an idea as to various issues hampering your weight loss regimen. It basically becomes your own dose of encouragement to ensure reaching your goals.

Controlling the Pace

It is imperative to also keep a diet journal while using pedometer for weight loss. Try keeping a food journal while keeping track of the number of steps done. This will help a weight watcher easily pinpoint the pros and cons of the whole fitness regimen. Through a combined analysis of a diet journal and a pedometer record, one can easily generate a multi-pronged approach to ensure meeting weight loss goals. If after few weeks, weight remains the same, this synergistic approach can help pinpoint certain holes in your diet plan vis-à-vis your exercise regimen. You may either cut back more on calories or increase number of steps to see results.

As A Reminder-Motivator
Another important aspect of using a pedometer for weight loss is in its capability to make one be aware of how active or dormant he or she is. Pedometers like the 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer, for instance, can be easily worn as a necklace or integrated to the belt line or be placed in a pocket while going about their day. It has the capability to record activity even while placed in the bag or purse tracking your steps with utmost accuracy. Regardless if you go running, scrambling the stairs, rushing to an office elevator or busy tidying your home, its 3D tri-axis sensor technology records all your daily steps done, calories and fat being burned, and the amount of time you are actively on foot.

In conclusion, losing weight is all in the mind. When using pedometer for weight loss, the key is not solely in keeping track of how much you’ve done. A pedometer simply works mostly as motivational device for someone to keep working towards a goal. The best thing about it is that it’s not only effective, it’s cost-efficient, too. Now, it’s even made more stylish so one can easily integrate it in her active lifestyle without looking like a dweeb.

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