12 Safe No-Fail Tips To Speed Up Weight Loss

So, you’ve tried dieting for almost a week and still find it hard to lose the extra flab. With a special event coming up, the need to find a super-fast weight loss program might be foremost in your mind. But do you know that there are certain ways to address this ordeal without succumbing to dangerous diet fads? To give you a better chance of rocking that LBD or fitting into that rented tux, here are some safe no-fail tips for speeding up weight loss.

  1. Choose Smoothies. Consider joining the green army. Nothing beats the nutritional benefits albeit low calorie count of vegetable and fruit smoothies. Take your pick from various types of leafy greens like kale, spinach, lettuce, celery, parsley, moringa, and what-have-you. Add a dash of apple, lemon, tomato, and other fruits to tone done the bitter taste. 
  2. Go natural green tea. Still on the green department, green tea is known to amplify the body’s metabolic rate. Catechins, a unique metabolism-enhancing antioxidants endemic in green tea, can help burn 70 additional calories. So, guzzle up and don’t forget to go all-natural.
  3. Ditch caffeinated and sugar-y drinks. Used to drinking a mug of latte or a bottle of soda? It is high time to cut your caloric intake by ditching the usual favorites – juice, coffee, soda, wine, and other alcoholic drinks. For one second, never believe that a glass of wine or a shot of tequila will loosen your pant’s waistline.
  4. Skipping meals is a no-no. Do you honestly believe that by not eating breakfast or dinner, you’ll lose weight? No. You will go hungry and this puts you in a precarious situation. When you’re hungry, you tend to consume a lot. So, eat every meal and on its usual time. Do make sure to cut your portions and add a piece of fruit to help satiate hunger pangs fast.
  5. Say goodbye to salt. Keep an eye on your sodium intake. The more you consume salt, the more water you retain which, in turn, make you look and feel bloated. This means saying goodbye to canned and processed foods, sodium-filled drinks, chips and pretzels, and some soups.

  6. Add some zing. Fire up your metabolism by adding jalapeno or cayenne peppers to your diet. Capsaicin help elevate the body’s release of adrenaline and other stress hormones leading to a faster metabolic rate and calorie-burning. It also curves your cravings.
  7. Sleep aplenty. has a two-fold effect: metabolism disaster and late-night munchies. So, don’t skimp the zzzz’s and snooze for a full 8-hour’s rest.
  8. The power of 20. Add at least 20 minutes of daily workout on top of your current regimen. You can do the treadmill or go for an evening walk round the block. Take out the dog. Engage in organic gardening. Or do a room to room makeover. Any of these, as well as jogging, can help burn an extra 700 calories.
  9. Invest in a pedometer. Try to keep track of your efforts with a good working pedometer. This miniature tracker help control the pace, keep track of your efforts, and makes a good motivator when losing weight.
  10. Add strength training. Build lean muscle by buying a set of 5-pound weights. Do a few minutes of squats, push-ups, or lunges then, use weights for biceps or triceps curls right at home or during office break. Schedule this at least four times a week.

  11. Water is life. Drinking at least 8 ounces of water is one of the most staple tips for speeding up weight loss. Water helps metabolize stored fat and detoxify the body. Like fuel to a car, you need water to keep your bodily systems running smoothly.
  12. Never go for fad diets. Yes, the hundreds of weight loss hypes running its gamut in the marketplace can absurdly promise weight loss heaven in just a few days. But, if you are wise, always go for safe alternatives to ensure your well being long after you lose weight. What good is shrinking to a size 0 when you badly damage a kidney or the liver?

When thinking of losing the extra pounds, it is important to be realistic in your expectations. What comes easy may not last and what lasts may not always come easy. With these safe no-fail tips for speeding up weight loss, you will not only be thinner but happier and more active, too.

12 Safe No-Fail Tips To Speed Up Weight Loss
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12 Safe No-Fail Tips To Speed Up Weight Loss
Want to count minuses in just a few days? Check out these 10 safe workable tips to speed up weight loss.

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