Safe But Effective Tips To Lose Weight From Cycling

Many people today turn their attention to cycling as an effective and enjoyable weight loss regimen. Who doesn’t want to pedal in the open, meet people, and burn the calories all at the same time? Cycling has always been a fitness favorite for those who maintain a trim figure. In order to get the most of your bicycle efforts, here are safe but effective tips to lose weight from cycling.

  • Pre-breaky spin. If you are one who starts the day breaking a sweat, set-up your trainer and pedal to the metal before you freshen up. This helps to burn fat faster. This is also a great alternative when the weather is not good or when cycling outside is not possible.
  • Pedal hard. When you do it on a trainer, go sprint biking with your trainer. This helps get you to the lean and fit category faster than most. Try to do this at least every Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. You can finally a dip in your weight in approximately two-weeks of interval training.
  • Breakfast before a ride. When you decide to ride in the open, however, nothing jumpstarts your metabolism to full throttle level than a big healthy breakfast. You will need all the energy when pedaling out there. To hasten your weight loss regimen, consider going for nutrient-packed but low in calories foods like green smoothies.
  • Less is More. That is in cycling outfit. When thinking of going on a spin, whether on a trainer or on a real bicycle, consider wearing Lycra. These fitted clothes help you keep track of your weight loss (or gain). Baggy clothes do not only make you feel overdressed, these also camouflaged possible weight gain. Of course, skintight Spandex cycling outfit would still be the best way to do it.
  • The road less traveled. Go off-road riding at least once a week for an hour or more. Rev up your calorie burning regimen by cycling in off-road path. Just don’t forget to bring a multi-tool and a glueless patch for emergency.
  • More uphill. Core strength and calorie-burning are up for grabs once you step-up on a bike and go uphill. Find the perfect uphill ride and do three hill repeats to help burn faster those extra flabs. This also helps build lean shoulder, triceps and abdominal muscles.
  • Bicycle commuting. Most cities these days have developed a penchant for health and fitness as evidenced by the development of more bike lanes intended for daily commuters. The Japanese and Vietnamese as well as other European nationals have adopted this bike-commuting culture. Not only will this make cycling the perfect vehicle for losing weight, it also helps preserve the environment.
  • Eating while riding. Have you noticed how ravenous you are after a ride? Ditch that feeling by eating a low-calorie energy bar, a banana, or by drinking a bottle-full of green smoothie. This will help quell the hunger and thirst when you finish a ride.
  • Eat healthy. Support your weight loss by cycling regimen by eating healthy low-calorie foods. Choose vegetables and fruits as well as lean protein sources. Go also for gluten-free meals to decrease caloric intake and other unwanted symptoms.
  • Limit portions. Just because you are on a weight loss regimen doesn’t mean you have to deprive your body from comfort foods. Take some time to drink a bottle of beer or a bar of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate. The idea is to eat in moderation.
  • Improvise siesta time. People watch TV to while away the time or simply sit slouched on a LA-Z boy. Instead of being a couch potato watching your favorite show, saddle up on a trainer and sweat it out. How’s that for multitasking?

No matter how much weight you intend to lose, spinning bicycle pedals delivers one of the most rewarding experiences. Aside from gentle to the joints and muscles, it is fun and engaging. With these tips to lose weight from cycling, you can finally have a good reason not to weigh a ton next season.

Safe But Effective Tips To Lose Weight From Cycling
Article Name
Safe But Effective Tips To Lose Weight From Cycling
Want to ride a bike and lose the extra flab? Here are safe but effective tips to lose weight from cycling.

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