Top 5 BowFlex Workout Plans

Want a complete workout but hate going to the gym? Many people want to get fit and have toned bodies. They go on diet. They smothered their meals with smoothies and other supplements that will help lose the extra flabs fast. But often, they lack the time and effort to go in a real gym. Some also feel it’s a double jeopardy to allot a portion of their precious time only to pay for pricey gym subscription just to make use of its equipments. So, why not buy one for yourself and use it anytime you want? That is where the Bowflex machine comes in. With the recommended Bowflex workout plans laid out, you can finally enjoy getting fit at the convenience of your own home.

The BowFlex Phenomenon

You might be wondering what Bowflex workout plans entail. Well, all you need to have is the Bowflex home gym. Yes, it’s a gym made ultra convenient to be set up at home. Introduced in 1986, it has evolved from being a simple flat inclinable bench to the ultimate Xtreme and Revolution-branded workout system as it continue to deliver astounding results to anyone who’s ever used it.

Using the revolutionary power-rod technology wherein lightweight rods and bands are used to provide resistance, it provides a COMPLETE solution on toning all muscle groups in the body. This technology aims to deliver topnotch results by simply selecting the proper resistance needed to develop those muscle groups. With power rods getting stiffer as you bend, it somehow provides the needed resistance as you exercise. Portable and can fit in most vacant spaces like the attic, garage or basement, the Bowflex home gym can easily be installed and used right where you want it.

5 Effective Bowflex Workout Plans

Now, while the Bowflex home gym may be small as compared to other power equipment in actual gyms, it has the ability to provide all the solutions you need to address your goals. Some of these are:

Fitness Goal #1. To lose weight

To lose weight, get in touch with the Bowflex body lean program. Recommended by experts in physical fitness, it focuses on large muscle groups like the chest, legs and back. To perform and reap results from this, simply use a single set of 12 repetitions thereby, increasing resistance as you become more agile and stronger over the course of your training. Do make sure to follow a calorie restricted diet to achieve this.

How-to: Start with these on your 1st and 2nd week: leg curl and extension, bench press, seated shoulder press, biceps curl, and seated ab crunches. On the 3rd and 4th weeks, add the rear deltoid row exercise and the triceps extension. On the fifth, add reverse fly plus lying should pullover.  

Fitness Goal #2. Bodybuilding

Want to look buff? Then, invest in a Bowflex Revo or Xtreme. These can have up to 600pounds of resistance via upgrades. To achieve a buffed body, your Bowflex workout plans should include a 3-day rigorous exercise program of 2 to 5 exercises. Rest fully on the 4th day and then, go back to the 3-day training thereafter.

How-To: Do a weekly Bowflex workout plan. Mondays are spent on chest fly, bench press, shoulder press, and chest/shoulder deltoid row. Tuesdays for narrow pull-down, biceps curl, lat rows, seated triceps extensions, and hammer grip curls. Wednesdays should be spent on leg extension, presses, and curls, and abs exercises. All exercises must be done 2 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. Rest on Thursday and resume again on Saturday for a 3-day rigorous workout and resting on the 4th day.

Fitness Goal #3. Power-packed Abs

Some people have the perfect structure but lack those little “pan de sals” on their abdominal section. If you are one who want that total toned look, there are also Bowflex workout plans which focus on this area.

How-To: To target both upper and lower abdominals, use 2 sets at 25 repetitions of resisted crunch. To hit those obliques, do 1 set at the same 25 repetitions of trunk rotation and resisted twisting crunch. Try to gradually increase the sets with the same number of repetitions as you progress with your workout plan.

Fitness Goal #4. Circuit Training

The Bowflex home gym is so compact that it allows one to easily switch from one exercise to the next without sacrificing form. This is why circuit training workouts work best with this machine as it can select 5 exercises with each exercise targeting a distinctive muscle group. Each of these exercises are performed on 1 set at 8 to 12 repetitions gradually increased as you progress.

How-To: Bowflex workout plans for circuit training includes leg extension, bench press, biceps curls, standing lat row, and standing truck rotation. Once each exercise routine is completed, you are advised to take a 10-minute break and then, repeat (as if in a cycle) up to 2 more times. Furthermore, this cyclical routine is highly recommended to be done for 2 to 3 succeeding days in a week to fully enjoy aerobic and strength benefits.

Fitness Goal #5. General Body Conditioning

Beginners will love the Bowflex home gym. Apart from its variety of workout plans, it also allows freedom of motion and versatility seldom found in other equipment. Every beginner can enjoy the 20-minute beginner’s better-body workout offered on the manual which can be performed 3x a week.

How-To. Progressing from the 20-minute workout, you can begin general body conditioning by doing any of these exercises: rear deltoid row, seated lat row, biceps curl, lying triceps extension, abdominal crunch, low back extension, leg extension, bench press, and leg curl.  The key is to choose at least 2 exercises from each major muscle group and do 2 sets with 10 to 15 repetitions on a regular basis. Make sure to rest for 30 seconds in between sets.

Important Consideration


Without a doubt, crafting Bowflex workout plans can be easily done. You can try the combinations provided in your manual or concoct routines which you felt are most effective to your physique. The key is to begin slow and steady gradually progressing as your body adapts to such rigorous activity. With consistency and constancy complimented with dedication, you can finally achieve the fitness goals that you long to have. Next step—maintaining or improving those goals!

Top 5 BowFlex Workout Plans
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Top 5 BowFlex Workout Plans
Want to tone down muscles at home? Here are top reasons why the Bowflex workout plans are made just for you.

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