How to Lose Weight With A Simple Biking Exercise Plan

You want to lose weight but don’t necessarily want to go into the usual CrossFit, Zumba or fad diet jargon. You obviously might not also want to cut huge portions of your usual meal. So how do you burn calories? Have a biking exercise plan! Cycling, or simply biking, allow you to get moving, burn calories and break bullet-like sweats.

Whether on the road, during spinning classes or via a stationary bike, you will burn as much as 260 calories or more in 30 minutes depending on the rigors of your ride. But beyond the lost calories you will also be strengthening of your major muscles like the glutes, quads, and your gams delivering a completely toned you in the process. Add to that some of the usual cycling benefits like improved flexibility, reduced stress levels, improved hand-eye coordination and balance, stamina, and many more.

So, how to achieve such a feat? Here’s a simplistic take for a biking exercise plan that’s so easy you won’t hesitate to start tomorrow—or today.

#1. All About the Ride. Carefully determine how you wish to pursue a biking exercise plan. Will this be for a short-term perspective or are you in for the long haul? This will help determine the type of bicycle you will need to buy. Cruising bikes are usually used for entry-level cycling and often used for short comfortable rides. Road bikes are great for pavement excursions and commuting. Mountain bikes, as the name implies, have tougher frames and shock absorption mechanisms which are suited for more aggressive rides. Hybrid bikes, on the other hand, are considered to be one of the most versatile bikes usually suited for riders who want stability regardless of the route. When it comes to weight loss, always go for a model that’s not just comfortable but also one which you can ride for an extended length of time.

#2. Ride on a regular basis. For someone who wants to lose weight, it is only fitting that you exert efforts in accordance to your goals. Ride for at least half an hour a day for four times a week. Some prefer shorter ride time during weekdays and engage in hours long rides on weekends. The key is to do it on a regular basis. If you want it M-W-F-S or T-TH-F-S then, make it happen.

#3. Schedule complex rides during non-work days. Calories usually burn fastest in accordance to the efforts you exist when biking. Include in your biking exercise plan routes wherein you get to enjoy uphill and downhill rides or sandy or muddy routes. Be reminded that the harder you exert efforts, the more calories you get to burn.

#4. Plan your bike path. Carefully map out the bike route you wish to pursue. On your first foray, observe carefully the time and distance of the ride. Keep a GPS tracker or a pedometer with you. Start short and slow to prevent injuries. Sudden exertion can easily strain the muscles leading to painful injuries. Extend your route and air resistance as you progress.

#5. Do change bike route each week. One of the pitfalls of losing weight does not necessarily due to a poorly executed biking exercising plan. It’s boredom! To keep your biking workout interesting, change your biking fitness route every week.

#6. Always bike in pairs. For safety and enjoyment’s sake, riding with a friend or a loved one is highly recommended. Check your neighborhood for biking groups, too. If there is none, try to organize one by tapping neighbors or friends on your hood.

#7. Get a stationary bike. Winter often brings out the sloth in people. If you want to continue losing the pounds but finds it difficult to traverse in the slippery ice and mud then, by all means invest in a trainer. Simply pedal for approximately 30minutes to an hour to help burn those extra calories.


There is nothing more enjoyable than losing weight doing a hobby you love. If it is possible, you may also use your bike as a commuting partner. That will help keep your calories on check, your budget toned down due to zero gas expense, and the environment happy for lessened carbon footprint. Whichever the case, this simple biking exercise plan will definitely be a great help in your aim of losing weight.

How to Lose Weight With A Simple Biking Exercise Plan
Article Name
How to Lose Weight With A Simple Biking Exercise Plan
Want to lose weight without sacrificing a lot? Check out this fun and simple biking exercise plan for weight loss.

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