7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes Newbies Make – And What To Do About It

For a first-timer, losing weight can often fall in the more-miss no-hits category. Weight can easily yo-yo leading many newbie to stop altogether and consider their attempts to be a dud. Add to the fact that most of these people are insanely busy thus, leaving them prone to more duds than hits. So, what common weight loss mistakes do newbie make and what to do about it?

1. Zero Planning or Monitoring

One of the most common weight loss mistakes is not having any realistic vision. Add to that the lack of monitoring like keeping a journal. People have this distorted notion that spontaneity always works. For starters, it is imperative to come up with a simple yet doable action plans to lose the extra flabs. A weekly goal and creating a food log, for instance, allow you to easily take notice for any changes and subsequently make necessary changes when something doesn’t work. It also makes monitoring less tedious.

2. Too Much Focus on Calories

Another common mistake an excited newbie does is focusing on calorie count. These individuals tend to believe that by getting into a diet of1,200 (or less) calorie per day, they can easily fit into their old size 2 jeans. Starving yourself may seem effective in the short term but, if it is long term you want, it is imperative to go the usual route—more frequent small meals of a diet composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, yogurt, and lots of water.

3. The Easy Route

Eating pre-packed weight loss consumables like bars and shakes are often used as meals replacement. Busybodies bask at their convenience and ease. They may curve your appetite but these meal replacements will not be efficient in the long run. Green juices and energy bars need to be consumed along with a healthy diet. Munch on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, instead.

4. Less Eating

Most weight loss newbie tend to eat less. They skip meals in the hope that by doing so, they can lessen their calorie intake—not working! In fact, professional dietitians will tell you that keeping metabolism active is by eating every 3 to 4 hours. The idea is to increase frequency while consuming less. Cheese sticks, fresh strawberries and apples, or a plain non-fat Greek yogurt are great snacks without the calorie count.

5. All or Nothing

One of the most common weight loss mistakes is this so-called all or nothing attitude. These individuals tend to deprive their appetite from other food groups. Many think that by eating garden greens alone will help eliminate the extra pounds faster. This sense of deprivation can mount and, in the long run, can create huge upheavals to one’s mental health. The solution—proper portioning. If you love pasta then, make good use of garlic and olive oil as well as vegetable add-ons. Love bread? Do the healthier sandwich with TLC and strips of chicken or perhaps, a healthy soup with whole wheat bread. Love soda? Make your own freshly blended pineapple juice to aid in digestion.

6. Not Having Enough Sleep and Water, too!

Many prolific weight-watchers often make the mistake of not having enough sleep and low water consumption, too. Gym-huggers have the mistaken notion that drinking more than 8 glasses of water can add to the pounds. When, in fact, it’s the opposite. By drinking more water, you can replenish needed fluids for digestion leading to more improved metabolism. The same also goes for not having enough sleep. Overeating is too common to those who are always clocking later than usual—and this can wreck havoc to metabolism. So, drink up and sleep tight to keep burning those calories!

7. Not cooking at home.

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes however, is with your attitude towards home-cooked meals. Eating out can mean more calories and less effort. No matter the promise of low fat or low sodium on the menu, a restaurant will always find ways to add “something” to the recipe to add oomph to its taste. So, dust off your apron and prepare the knives and skillets. Invest in a good steamer or broiler. Steamed or grilled foods are always the lowest in terms of calorie count.

The Road to Weight Loss Victory

Source: eatthis.com
Source: eatthis.com

When you are eating less but still not losing the pounds, it is high time to reassess your regimen. Falling into these weight loss mistakes can often be inevitable being new to the trade. By knowing these roadblocks and, most importantly, in knowing how to prevent them, you can finally have a regimen that counts.

7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes Newbies Make – And What To Do About It
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7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes Newbies Make – And What To Do About It
Are you eating less but not losing the pounds? Here are common weight loss mistakes and what to do about it.

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