Vibram Five Finger Shoes: Which One Suits You Best?

Today’s runners have been introduced to the astounding advantages of barefoot running. It is no wonder that the ultra lightweight Vibram Spyridon Five Finger Shoes as well as its V-Run line and other barefoot running essentials are creeping into the marketplace continually causing a rave among running enthusiasts who want to be free of their vulnerability to injuries. Ingeniously built, each of the Vibram five finger shoes are crafted to improve body mechanics, providing a more enhanced balance, grip, and agility.

Though it is incredibly responsive and espouses a sense of sure-footedness never before imagined in traditional footwear, finding the right one can be quite tricky. So, we’ve come up with this review of the two Vibram five finger shoes to give you a more informed knowledge before buying.

Top 2 Vibram Five Finger Shoes

Here are the two five-finger shoes from Vibram that’s rocking various running communities across the globe.

  • 1. Vibram Men's V-Run Running Shoe

The Vibram Men's V-Run Running Shoe is the ideal choice for those transitioning from traditional footwear to minimalist shoes intended for barefoot running. Offering soft and perforated upper, it epitomizes comfort and breathability that allow the feet to relax even when under pressure. It boasts of Eva midsole for cushioning and protection sans the added weight, patented XS run outsole for maximum stable hardness that can withstand extreme temperature ranges but a certain kind of softness for expansive ground contact as well as grip on highly diversified lug surfaces. Lacing on the V-Run also provides snug comfort and secure fit.

Add to that the anti-microbial Drilex sock liner and you got just the best footwear to run with. No wonder many injury-prone runners are now embracing the Vibram barefoot running phenomenon as per reviews hailing it as “the perfect running shoe” and “definitely recommended”. To buy, check out various color choices ( black/yellow, blue/yellow, grey/blue/yellow, or yellow/blue/teal) discounts and shipping perks on Amazon. Also, order one size down from normal VFF shoe for a more secure fit.

For a more rigorous running experience..

  • 2. Vibram Spyridon Five Finger Shoes Elite

For die-hard mud runners, the Vibram Spyridon Five Finger Shoes is love. Made with extra durable soles with unparalleled grip on both wet and dry surfaces, it espouses rugged longevity, optimal stability, and flexibility to adapt to diverse grounds. Technically designed as an off-road shoe, the Spyridon is so lightweight even when made with Vibrio mega outsole and Cocoon 3D Protection midsole. The Velcro cuff also helps keep the mud out with added ankle support. The fabric is also water resistant and comes with moisture-wicking technology. For the wet, the shoes instep brace also secures the foot doubly.

A great choice for rigorous runners who had tried other barefoot running before, the Vibram Spyridon Five Finger Shoes are truly the element of sure-footedness regardless the condition. No wonder experienced runners continually review it as a must-have. With colors black/yellow or forest camouflage, you can also buy it at a discount in Amazon.

Full Scale Minimalist Running

With more and more fun runs and competitive running being organized all over the globe, the popularity of Vibram five finger shoes has also been soaring over the years. Be reminded though that “barefoot” running can take some time to grow into your system. Start transitioning with the Vibram Men's V-Run Running Shoe as you learn the ropes and to familiarize your feet. As you improve and reach for more elite and rigorous running, shift to a Vibram Spyridon Five Finger Shoes. With these options at hand, you can finally bring your running element to a whole new level.

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