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Full Throttle Weight Loss Gym Routine For Men

When it comes to muscle build-up and weight loss gym routine for men is definitely the way to go. Yes, there are quite a number of gym machines which you can easily set-up for home use. However, many still prefer going to the gym to get hold of the guidance of a reliable trainer. Men also feel more motivated to be among their “kind” when trying to lose weight as well as to buff-up those triceps and biceps.


Working out is a boon for both men and women. Men, however, have a lot to do since the demand to sculpt those muscles is more pronounced. While women can slink in at least 3 days of gym workout, men are often on a more aggressive stance. Many actually go to a full week routine while others have to settle down for a 5-day a week by creating carefully staggered and focused workout to ensure more focus and effective results.

Intensive Cardio Workout


Like everything else, a good set of cardio exercise is essential on every workout. Cardiovascular exercises help warm-up the muscles and burn more calories in the process. Like women, you need a 30-minute cardio routine for a full 5 days to complete the stipulated cycle of 150 minutes. What makes the gym an excellent place to do cardio is the number of machines that can be used to your heart’s content. There are treadmills, trainers, rowers, stairmasters, elliptical, and other new equipment to help achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible.

Today, HIIT or high intensity interval training is a cardio training intended to burn stubborn fat. Its secret lies in the calorie-burning perspective during and after the training. Completing 5 to 8 minutes of working those HIIT cardio sets and lose more calories and fat in the process.

Full Body Workout

A full body workout with weight loss and muscle-sculpting in mind induces tough strength trainings. This does not only boost metabolism, it also ensures full recovery for muscle toning while preventing burnout. Instead of the usual interval trainings, going full throttle allows you to save time while burning more calories and fats. The key is to lift heavy, perform exercise per muscle group, and keep workout to an hour or less.


Upper Body Exercise. There are many ways to of toning your arms, shoulders, chest and back. Here are great workout options for you to choose from.

  • Exercises which can deliver the best results for your upper body are the following: bench press, incline dumbbell press, wide-grip pull-up, underhand grip barbell bent row, seated barbell military press, shoulder-width grip barbell upright row, triceps dip, partial rack deadlift, one-arm dumbbell row, incline barbell press, chest dip, seated dumbbell press, close-grip barbell upright row, and close-grip pull-up.
  • For optimal results and to prevent boredom, you can pick out 5 of these exercises to alternately do within the week for 5 straight days.
  • Pick out another set of upper body exercises for the next week and so on.



Lower Body Exercise. Lower body workout is essential to complete weight loss gym routine for men. Aside from losing unwanted cellulites, working out those quads, glutes and hams allow building muscle strength while enhancing bone density to achieve a more toned and buffed up appearance. Of course, these workouts also helps to reduce the risks to injuries and promote stronger lower muscles while stimulating faster metabolism.

Here are top lower body exercise combos to choose from on a daily basis:

  • Combo 1: 4 sets 8-10 reps of barbell squat, 4 sets 10-12reps leg press, 3 sets 12-14 steps each leg dumbbell walking lunge, 3 sets 10 reps leg extension, 3 sets 10 reps Romanian deadlift, 3 sets 8-10reps lying leg curl, and 4 sets 20 reps standing calf raises.
  • Combo 2: 4 sets 8-10reps smith machine squat, no-rest 3sets 10-12rep leg press, 3 sets 10-12reps goblet squat, 3 sets 10-12reps barbell reverse lunge (no rest), 3 sets 12-15 reps leg extension, 4sets 12reps lying leg curls (no rest), and 4 sets 12-15reps donkey calf raises.
  • Combo 3: 4 sets 12reps Romanian deadlift, 3sets 12reps standing leg curl, 3 sets 10 reps hack squat, 3 sets 12reps on each leg dumbbell lunges, and 3 sets floor-glute ham raise.

In all these full body strength exercise, it is important to keep these in mind—lift heavy and focus one exercise per muscle group by doing at least 3 sets at least 8 repetitions each. Keeping your workout to an intense 1 hour or less will keep your guns rolling.

Torch and Sculpt Workout Plan


To fully support weight loss gym routine for men must done with adequate care to prevent injury risks. Recovery is essential when it comes to an intense workout. To prevent gorging unnecessary calories, a post-workout shake consumed immediately after training will help replenish the essential glycogen level lost. Keep meals all throughout the day balanced to compliment your workout routine.

Unraveling Appropriate Weight Loss Gym Routine For Females

Health expert strongly recommend that for weight loss gym routine for female should hold at least 30 minutes to an hour of moderate to tough exercises five days a week. While many women shy away from training in a gym, fitness experts highly recommended maintaining a daily routine to help accomplish not just your weight loss objective but also long-term goals.


Exercising regularly allows a variety of physical and mental health benefits. To enjoy such benefits, weight loss gym routine must be appropriately scheduled or carried out to ensure results. Designing your gym visits for optimal health and weight loss must be done right. Here’s a complete breakdown on the important workouts to pursue in a gym.

Do Cardio

You can burn more calories by doing cardiovascular exercises. Prior to engaging in strength-training workouts, it is imperative to warm-up your muscles by doing cardio exercises. Divide your cardio exercises to 30 minutes on succeeding days for 5 days to complete the 150-minute cycle.

It is important to note that cardio workouts burn more calories than doing weights. Prior to doing weight trainings for either lower or upper body, you will need a way to elevate your heart rate. There are quite a number of machines which you can use while in the gym. There are treadmills, elliptical machines, arc trainers, rowers, stairmasters, and many more. Most of these machines are smart and user-friendly. You may also sign-up for an aerobic class, dance fitness, and other cardio offers in your gym.

Full Body Workout

When it comes to weight loss gym routine for female should not only be focused on cardiovascular exercises alone. Tone your muscles at least 3 to 4 times a week. This will help build lean muscle mass, boost metabolism, and decrease fat. To achieve this, divide your strength training into two—upper and lower body workouts. You can schedule upper body training on Mondays and on Thursdays. While for Tuesdays and Fridays are allotted for lower body training. The key is to complete at least 2 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise done during sessions.


Upper Body Workout. To start burning calories, engage yourself in dumbbell exercises for those taunt muscles on the shoulders and chest, and the back as well as your arms. Choose dumbbells which can challenge you muscle group but are not too heavy to strain them. Feel free to do dumbbell exercises 10 to 15 times. Make two sets after a 2 to 3- minute break.

  • Using the same dumbbell, do bench presses as well as bending over rows to focus on your chest and back.
  • For the shoulders, get into shoulder press.
  • Biceps curl help tone muscles on the front of your arms.
  • Add tricep kickbacks for the back of the arms.

Lower Body Workout. Reap the complete weight loss benefits by adding lower body weight training to your gym routine. Think about building muscle strength and more toned look and appearance, and enhanced bone density. It also helps regulate blood pressure, cut cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. Lower body workout also helps improve posture, reduce injury risks, increased joint health, and all around stronger lower muscles. Most importantly, it stimulates metabolism and fat loss.



  • Workout those legs, butt and hips by doing squats and lunges. Do at least two sets of 15 squats and lunges on each leg. Move up to three sets as you go along.
  • Do 4 sets of 4 to 6 repetition of barbell squats; 4 sets of barbell lunges with 12 reps on each leg; leg press for 3 sets with 12 to 15 reps; lying leg curls for 3 sets and 12 reps; 3 sets of leg extension at 20 reps; and 4 sets of calf raises for 12 reps.
  • Another excellent routine is: leg press at 4 sets 6 reps; Romanian deadlift 4 sets 8 reps; dumbbell step ups 4 sets at 15 reps each leg; leg extensions 3 sets 12 reps; thigh abductor 3 sets 12 reps; and standing barbell calf raise at 4 sets 15 reps.

When it comes to weight loss gym routine for female should not be the end-all of your efforts. It must be complimented with healthy and balanced diet as well as adequate rest and sleep. This ensures not just a healthy body but good physical appearance as well. So, step up. Sweat it out. Take yourself to a whole new level by combining an active and healthy lifestyle.

Waist Trainer: Does It Work?

Some people work to lose weight to achieve a slim body. Others, however, want more than that. They do not just want to shed the extra pounds but also strive to have a perfect hourglass figure. When celebrities divulge their affinity for the much-debated waist trainer, so does the new saga of waist training begins. But does waist trainer works.

Some people work to lose weight to achieve a slim body. Others, however, want more than that. They do not just want to shed the extra pounds but also strive to have a perfect hourglass figure. When celebrities divulge their affinity for the much-debated waist trainer, so does the new saga of waist training begins. But does waist trainer works.

Today, the waist trainer has become the leading gear that does not only reduce and reshape the waistline, flattens abdomen, or define waistline curves. It is also widely used to correct posture, increase sweating and accelerate metabolism, support the lower back, and as injury prevention. It is also widely promoted by top fitness experts to deliver excellent results at such short period of time.

While the popularity of waist training continue to sweep the global fitness community so does the number of designs and brands in the market. This makes filtering the best waist trainer from the bad ones totally challenging. To help in your quest in finding the best one that works, we have analyzed two of the highly recommended brands on the market to help you find what will work best for you

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer 1.

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer is one of the most highly recommended unisex brands in the market. It features an extra-wide design which any man or woman can wrap around the stomach area without fear of bunching or rolling usually observed in other trainers or belts. Specifically designed with Sauna Ab Belt and anti-slip grid technology, it hastens fats from metabolizing fast in the area while keeping it wrapped there even when moving around. To customize fit, it comes with a fully adjustable Velcro closure system. Interior fabric repels sweat and moisture hence, leaving no build-up of bacteria. Definitely, no stinky belts on this one.

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer; is one of the commendable latex-free Neoprene waist trainer on the market today. Reviews from actual users hailed it “a must-buy for workouts” and “works great”. No wonder, it easily goes out of stock. It comes in two colors: yellow or hot pink. Sizes comes at extra large (10x60-inch), large (10x51inch), original size (9x44-inch), small(9x34-inch), and extra small size (8x32-inch). To order, check out for discounts and other perks in Amazon.

7 Common Weight Loss Mistakes Newbies Make – And What To Do About It

For a first-timer, losing weight can often fall in the more-miss no-hits category. Weight can easily yo-yo leading many newbie to stop altogether and consider their attempts to be a dud. Add to the fact that most of these people are insanely busy thus, leaving them prone to more duds than hits. So, what common weight loss mistakes do newbie make and what to do about it?

1. Zero Planning or Monitoring

One of the most common weight loss mistakes is not having any realistic vision. Add to that the lack of monitoring like keeping a journal. People have this distorted notion that spontaneity always works. For starters, it is imperative to come up with a simple yet doable action plans to lose the extra flabs. A weekly goal and creating a food log, for instance, allow you to easily take notice for any changes and subsequently make necessary changes when something doesn’t work. It also makes monitoring less tedious.

2. Too Much Focus on Calories

Another common mistake an excited newbie does is focusing on calorie count. These individuals tend to believe that by getting into a diet of1,200 (or less) calorie per day, they can easily fit into their old size 2 jeans. Starving yourself may seem effective in the short term but, if it is long term you want, it is imperative to go the usual route—more frequent small meals of a diet composed of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, yogurt, and lots of water.

3. The Easy Route

Eating pre-packed weight loss consumables like bars and shakes are often used as meals replacement. Busybodies bask at their convenience and ease. They may curve your appetite but these meal replacements will not be efficient in the long run. Green juices and energy bars need to be consumed along with a healthy diet. Munch on fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, instead.

4. Less Eating

Most weight loss newbie tend to eat less. They skip meals in the hope that by doing so, they can lessen their calorie intake—not working! In fact, professional dietitians will tell you that keeping metabolism active is by eating every 3 to 4 hours. The idea is to increase frequency while consuming less. Cheese sticks, fresh strawberries and apples, or a plain non-fat Greek yogurt are great snacks without the calorie count.

5. All or Nothing

One of the most common weight loss mistakes is this so-called all or nothing attitude. These individuals tend to deprive their appetite from other food groups. Many think that by eating garden greens alone will help eliminate the extra pounds faster. This sense of deprivation can mount and, in the long run, can create huge upheavals to one’s mental health. The solution—proper portioning. If you love pasta then, make good use of garlic and olive oil as well as vegetable add-ons. Love bread? Do the healthier sandwich with TLC and strips of chicken or perhaps, a healthy soup with whole wheat bread. Love soda? Make your own freshly blended pineapple juice to aid in digestion.

6. Not Having Enough Sleep and Water, too!

Many prolific weight-watchers often make the mistake of not having enough sleep and low water consumption, too. Gym-huggers have the mistaken notion that drinking more than 8 glasses of water can add to the pounds. When, in fact, it’s the opposite. By drinking more water, you can replenish needed fluids for digestion leading to more improved metabolism. The same also goes for not having enough sleep. Overeating is too common to those who are always clocking later than usual—and this can wreck havoc to metabolism. So, drink up and sleep tight to keep burning those calories!

7. Not cooking at home.

One of the biggest weight loss mistakes however, is with your attitude towards home-cooked meals. Eating out can mean more calories and less effort. No matter the promise of low fat or low sodium on the menu, a restaurant will always find ways to add “something” to the recipe to add oomph to its taste. So, dust off your apron and prepare the knives and skillets. Invest in a good steamer or broiler. Steamed or grilled foods are always the lowest in terms of calorie count.

The Road to Weight Loss Victory


When you are eating less but still not losing the pounds, it is high time to reassess your regimen. Falling into these weight loss mistakes can often be inevitable being new to the trade. By knowing these roadblocks and, most importantly, in knowing how to prevent them, you can finally have a regimen that counts.

5 Surefire Ways to Getting Ripped With A 3 Month Workout Plan

Shedding off weight is no problem with some men and women out there. They, however, struggle on how to get “ripped”, that is, having their musculature so defined it looked unbreakable. But what does it take to rock a ripped body? Will diet be enough? Will you need protein supplements to make those biceps, glutes and triceps more pronounced? Or should you go into a specific 3 month workout plan?

Depending on how “ripped” you want to be in three months, these tips are meant to make you look fab. So, fasten your seatbelt and get unto this 3 month workout plan for a va-va-boom you.


Tip #1. Amplify Cardio Workout

Get into daily running mode to prime your metabolic rate. Running helps use calories to burn fat faster. According to experts, running for at least 30 minutes to an hour on a daily basis on a trail will help amplify your cardio program. So, try choosing landmarks where you can jog and sprint freely. If you may, find a semi-steep hill with gravel footmarks and sprint away! Do 15-second sprint and walk down for at least 8 repetitions.

It is also important to run as fast as you can. Do get into interval trainings to keep metabolism on high mode. Start with 10 40-yard sprint on the first month, 15 on the second, and 20 or more on the third.

If it’s drizzling or snowing hard outside, set a treadmill on distance mode. Set distance covering per interval. Begin with ¼ mile or ½ or perhaps, a full mile – and run as fast as you can. Slowly follow that with an easy jog but still running the same distance as a “hard” interval. Repeat twice and experience a boom in your cardio.

Tip#2. Weight Training

Combine weight training to your cardio program. After a run, hit the gym or use your own BowFlex machine or simply lift weights. Build lean muscles by lifting weights or by doing a total workout on your BowFlex machine. Accordingly, the more muscles the body possess only goes to show how much calories needs to be burnt to maintain it.

Get also into resistance training from weight lifting. This helps keep your metabolism running even when the training session has ended. This post-metabolic activity is crucial when building lean muscles as this somehow further heightens the amount of fat needed to be burnt to keep your muscle from toning down even when not working out. Think about bench presses, squats, bench presses, leg raises, pull-ups, and so on.

Tip#3. Rock Hard Abs

One of the most difficult to develop is the abdominal muscles. If you wish to get a ripped body via this 3 month workout plan, consider focusing on your abdominal muscles on a daily basis. Schedule your week in such a way that you have focused abs workout plans each day. Monday could be for the upper abdominal area, Tuesday to focus on the lower abs, Wednesdays for the obliques and Thursdays for total abdominal muscles—repeat the cycle for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tip #4. Equipment

Consider investing in effective home gym equipment. BowFlex, for instance, is a wise choice as it can help greatly in both strength and muscle workout plan. A good set of dumbbells, a stability ball, a skipping rope, a barbell and all other gym equipment which you can easily stash at home can greatly impact your planned workout of getting a ripped body.

Tip #5. Diet Plan

What you eat will definitely affect your plans of getting ripped. If you want your 3 month workout plan, it is imperative that you stick to a controlled and all-natural diet. Think about nutritious but with low calorie count. Go for fish, chicken or turkey (without the skin), vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Ditch foods high in sodium and added sugar. Should you go the “smoothie” route, use green leafy vegetables and a choice of fruit or two as natural sweeteners. Say goodbye to alcohol, coffee, sodas and energy drinks. Instead drink up 8 to 10 glasses of water to pump your system. Do add protein and carbohydrates around your workout plan. These two are virtually needed for muscle glycogen replenishment as well as energy source when the going gets tough.


Without a doubt, getting ripped from head to toe is no walk in the park. It is not an overnight phenomenon, too. It takes time, hard work and a lot of sacrifices. With each person having unique metabolism and muscular capabilities to develop, this 3 month workout plan may or may not work for you. But with dedication and focus, you can definitely accomplish the getting-ripped part in no time. All in all, getting ripped all comes down to proper dietary discipline, good exercise habits, and dedication—definitely, dedication.